Fabrication of shelters for mobile communications, communication containers, outdoor telecommunication cabinets (modules), vehicle mounted shelters for military use



1. The outdoor telecommunication cabinets (moduls)

The outdoor telecommunication cabinets - a universal solution for the placement of small-size equipment (radio relay stations, repeaters and mobile trunked radio, multiplexers optic communication lines, base stations of mobile communication), in cases where not advisable to install the telecommunication shelter or the ability to install shelter is limited to a number of physical factors (roofs, basements, attics, small footprint offering).

Антивандальный термошкаф БКМ-01 Уличный термошкаф (Outdoor cabinet) Антивандальный телекоммуникационный шкаф Антивандальный шкаф 19 БКМ-01. Внутренний монтаж

The outdoor telecommunication cabinets provide equipment operation at an ambient temperature of -50°C to +50˚C.

At significantly lower cost, outdoor telecommunication cabinets have the same functions as telecommunicaton shelters.

The outdoor telecommunication cabinets can be made with protected and reinforced performance. Equipped with a heating system, air-conditioning, lighting, input distribution panel, fire alarm system.

One important feature of our outdoor telecommunication cabinets is to use standard components for air-conditioning and heating, which allows in the case of damage to one of these systems promptly replace or repair.

There are projects for the most common equipment, as well as an opportunity to modernize outdoor communication cabinets  based on your technical specifications:

  • Overall and internal dimensions of the outdoor telecommunication cabinets
  • Operational features of  the outdoor telecommunication cabinets in a given climatic region
  • Outdoor telecommunication cabinets reinforced design
  • Installation security and fire alarm in outdoor telecommunication cabinets
  • Installation automatic powder extinguishing 
  • Installation automatic gas extinguishing
  • Versions for military use (including bulletproof execution)


 2. Vehicle mounted shelters

Multipurpose unified transportable vehicle mounted shelters are designed to solution of tasks on placement service (operational) staff, various equipment: communications equipment, power equipment, antenna units, auxiliary equipment, as mobile data centers (mobile data center), rooms for weapons storage, storage workshops, a guard-house, complete hardware communication.

Кузов-контейнер КК-06 Кузов-контейнер КК-06-СО Кузов-контейнер КК. Ввод силовой и окно с решеткой Кузов-контейнер КК-06-СО. Внутрение помещения


Vehicle mounted shelters can be used on a vehicle, and alone on the ground.

Vehicle mounted shelters  can be delivered by trucks (design options for loading platforms without boards and boards), rail transport, water transport, air transport (subject to the overall dimensions of capacity cargo hold of the aircraft).

In coordination vehicle mounted shelters can be equipped:

  • Lighting (operating  light, standby light, masking light )
  • Air conditioning
  • The forced ventilation
  • Air heater (for diesel or gasoline fuel such as OV-95, Webasto) 
  • The filter-ventilation system FVUA-100A 
  • Power supply and protection, batteries, electrical units 
  • Telescopic mast for antenna equipment
  • Additional hatches and technological niches
  • Various options for interior decoration, glazing, thermal insulation
  • Versions for military use, and power departments
  • Versions in an armored and bulletproof performance
Сейф оружейный (АКС-74У) Кузов-контейнер КК. Щит питания и защиты DSC03878 Кузов-контейнер. Оружейные сейфы

The most requested types of vehicle mounted shelters (VMS) is:
- VMS-01-WS field storage room for weapons in vehicle mounted shelter
- VMS-01-RCS field repair and charging station batteries in vehicle mounted shelter
- VMS-02-BPSE  field bulletproof storage room for engineer explosive
- VMS-02-BPT tactical bulletproof for transportation and protection of personnel and valuable cargos



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